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Terroir Limited Edition Print

Terroir Limited Edition Print

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Terroir - the dictionary defines it as soil or land, and that is true, but it is more than that. In France, the idea of terroir is often connected to grapes and producing wine but cheeses and cured meats, spirits and even some vegetable and fruit crops are linked to the idea too. Because terroir is the soil, yes, that feeds the production of a food, but also the weather of a place, the traditions of the farmers, the spirit of the land in a place that produces something that would be a little bit different if produced anywhere else. And they protect that idea through a pride in artisanal products and skills as well as certifications called "appellations" that designate the use of certain names for only products made following the traditional method or in the traditional place. Roquefort cheese, for example, can only be called such if produced in Roquefort-sur-Soulzon. The same care is extended to certain crops, like the Cévennes sweet onion which was first cultivated on terraces in the Cévennes mountains by monks in the Middle Ages. Because terroir is soil but also the taste of a place, and the roots of the people that go deep into the land they live on.


Print Information

Fine art limited edition print on Hanemülhe Hemp* paper, printed in Montpellier, France. Each print is signed by the artist, numbered, stamped, and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

Available as:

30 cm x 40 cm (approx. 9.4 in x 11.8) - edition of 15

40 cm x 50 cm (15.75 in x 19.6 in) - edition of 15

50 cm x 65 cm (approx. 23.6 in x 29.5 in) - edition of 5

Other sizes above 30 cm x 40 cm by request

Shipping Information

Please allow up to 3 weeks for printing, signing, packaging, and shipping of your fine art print.


Paper information

*Hemp is one of the oldest fibers on Earth and is an integral part of the history of textiles in France, making it the perfect choice for these prints. For centuries it was used in paper making for its extremely robust fibers and was used in the papers of the Gutenburg Bible and the U.S. Declaration of Independence. Its natural white color means that no optical brighteners are required in the paper's production. This 290 gsm paper is 60% hemp, 40% cotton, acid free, and of the highest archival quality

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